Flat River, Nebraska is a small fictional town nestled along the North Platte River. It is filled with unique characters, strong heroines, swoony heroes and stories that will stand the test of time.  All of Christine Sterling's series are wholesome stories that can be read by all ages. They are filled with family values, romance, shenanigans and a sprinkle of faith.

The Chapmans

This beloved western series follows the lives and loves of the Chapman family on the rugged Nebraska Plains during 1872. There are six books in this series. Although there are no cliffhangers in the individual books, they should be read in order for the most enjoyment.

Owen (fr ee)      Oliver    Caleb  Everett  Alice     First Christmas at Flat River

The Flat River Matchmaker

What happens when the Matriarch of the Chapman family decides everyone in town needs to be happily married? Well, no one has quite figured out how to tell Mrs. Chapman no when she somehow always finds you just what you need.

The Flat River Matchmaker (fr ee)   The Farmer's Bride  The Stable Master's Bride

The Drifter's Bride   The Cowboy's Bride    The Rancher's Bride    The Tanner's Bride

The Letter Wives

When Bass Picket finds a stack of letters from women seeking husbands, is this the opportunity he has been seeking to find wives for him and his brothers?

The Letter Wife    A Letter to Georgia

The First Families of Flat River

Meet the strong men and women that settled the wild west of the Nebraska Plains from 1860 to 1880. Coming soon.

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